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A guide to next steps
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Tribe of Heart films

View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

Holding a screening of a Tribe of Heart film can be a rewarding, life-changing experience, not just for audience members, but very often for those who hold the event.

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By holding public screenings of Tribe of Heart films, hundreds of people all over the world have already seen that their efforts can transform individual lives, and that they can contribute toward many of the larger-scale changes that are most needed in our troubled world. Venues for these screenings have ranged from small cafes and community centers, to public libraries and college classrooms, to international conferences and arts festivals, to movie theaters and auditoriums seating audiences of several hundred.

Public screenings take advance planning and hard work, but the results can be amazing. In some notable cases, they have brought about profound shifts in awareness and attitudes not just for some audience members, but for whole communities. Many people who have held screenings have indicated that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.

The extensive resources listed on this page give you everything you will need to create a high-quality public event. We have done our very best to give you thorough step-by-step guides and easy-to-use tools that will maximize the impact of your efforts, from pre-printed materials to help with publicity, to a video introduction and Q&A with the filmmakers for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home (included on DVD) to simplify some of the more complex public speaking tasks. Our detailed Screening Handout presents audience members with numerous options for learning more about the issues explored in the film and getting involved with working for change. You can be confident they will leave your event with everything they need to identify and pursue the next step in their personal journeys.

If you are drawn to holding a public screening, but feel intimidated by one or more steps of the process, it can be helpful to remember that these films were created not just by one or two individuals, but by a whole community of people working together. Very often, public screening events come together the same way. It's about teamwork. Sometimes, holding a small-scale screening, even one in your own home, can be a great way to identify and motivate others to join you in organizing a larger event.

Take some time to review our guides and resources, and consider the good things you might accomplish by holding a screening. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Never doubt that you have the ability to change many lives for the better, starting with your own!


Must-Read Guidelines: The Rules of the Road Our screening requirements are based on over a decade of experience assisting and advising hundreds of people around the world who have shown Tribe of Heart films in their communities. These guidelines are intended to create a safe and respectful environment for audience members, as well as to preserve the potential of our films to foster peaceful change long into the future....more
Your Event Part 1: Before You Begin Whatever the size of your event, planning and preparation are key. If you take the time needed to cover all the bases, you will find that planning a screening is straightforward and fun to do....more
Your Event Part 2: Advance Planning Your first task will be to nail down the details -- when, where and how. Assemble a core team. Select a venue. Pick a date and time. Make arrangements for audio-visual equipment. Gather materials. Develop a timeline....more
Your Event Part 3: Getting Publicity The key to a successful screening is to cross-promote your event, ideally using a wide variety of methods. Each method will reinforce the other. Building an audience takes creativity, commitment, and hard work, but it can be very rewarding....more
Your Event Part 4: Day of the Screening This is the moment when it all comes together. You‘ll need to arrive early, do a tech rehearsal, prepare the space, and then shift your focus to your audience. What kind of welcome will you give them? What kind of response should you expect? How will you interact with them when the screening has ended? Where can you guide them to learn more?...more
Event Timeline & Checklist
Publicity/Screening Resources for PK
Publicity/Screening Resources for Witness
How to Hold a Post-Screening Discussion
Helpful Hints for Sharing Our Films with Others
8 Reasons Educators Value Our Films
A Breakthrough Vehicle for Social Change


A Tribe of Heart News Story Tribe of Heart Transformation in Tucson -- Inspiring examples of grassroots success 

 Patty Mark of Animal Liberation Victoria and Philip Wollen of Kindness Trust introduced Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home to Australian audiences. Their powerful words and inspiring example are helping more and more people understand that the animals' cause is one of social justice.

Viewers Remark:

I considered myself to be informed. I HAD NO IDEA! Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.

This is an extremely powerful film -- I'm going to change a lot of things after seeing this.

It's hard to communicate the number of feelings that enveloped me while viewing this film. The emotions of the audience surrounded and touched me as an ocean of compassion.

Fantastic! BRAVE! Life-changing and life-affirming!

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