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Humanity currently has at its command a level of technology and information unimagined by previous generations. Yet despite having all this remarkable potential at our fingertips, our global community is plagued by war, poverty, pollution, climate disruption, and mass exploitation. How can this be? It is easy to imagine that our future is bleak.

In today's world, the average person is capable of having a lasting level of impact, for good or for ill, that in past eras was within the capability of only a very few. Yet as a general rule, our compassion for others, which reflects the completeness of our understanding of the impact of our actions, has not expanded proportionally. Similarly, our commitment to fairness and equality is uncertain. Our culture too often rewards choices that are both self-centered and shortsighted, with tragic consequences.

At Tribe of Heart, we've spent the last fifteen years studying how compassion, conscience and a commitment to justice arise in the lives of individuals, and how such individual awakenings have the potential to become a force for dramatic social transformation. Putting this knowledge to practical use, we have created films that powerfully combine honest depictions of systemic, socially-accepted injustices with inspiring stories of people responding to these injustices with creativity, courage and nonviolence.

The broad appeal of these films, which have the capacity to touch people from all cultures and backgrounds, demonstrates that despite our many differences, we humans have much more in common than we often realize -- not just with each other, but also with all the beings with whom we share this world. Human altruism is real, and our goal is to develop methods of unlocking this magnificent, yet largely untapped potential. We believe this transformative work is an essential part of addressing the present planetary crisis.

These are difficult and often overwhelming times, yet the challenges they present ask us to rise above our fears and prejudices, to find the courage to let go of habits of mind that have outlived their usefulness. They call on us to collaborate in new and creative ways, and to follow the example of the social and artistic visionaries who came before us. Over and over again throughout history, movements that started with just a handful of people have grown, often through the power of storytelling, to capture the imagination of millions. Momentous changes that once seemed all but impossible to achieve thereby became inevitable.

We each have a critical role to play in bettering human society, improving our relationship to our fellow animals, and saving our ecosystem. We can begin by opening our eyes, trusting our hearts, and taking the journey that unfolds before us when we let the voice of conscience be our guide.

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