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When it comes to the values that are closest to our hearts, sometimes it can be hardest to share them with the people we care about most. Moral and ethical issues, and matters of conscience that are of crucial importance, can go unexplored in families or between lifelong friends because of a concern that strong feelings will result in conflict.

Oftentimes, what makes dialogue difficult is a lack of common experience around the issue at hand. Discussion of abstractions can lead to misunderstandings or frustration.

This is where viewing a Tribe of Heart documentary with your loved ones can make all the difference. The stories told in Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness are presented in a sensitive, nonjudgmental manner, offering the potential to explore complex justice issues without triggering defensiveness. Having a shared experience of emotional and intellectual discovery helps establish common ground that can open the door for some amazing interpersonal dialogue.


Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing Our Films in Small Group Settings Sharing our films one-to-one or with a small group of people is a rewarding experience, one that provides a great opportunity to awaken new understanding as well as learn from others. This guide offers some helpful advice that can increase the value of the experience for all involved. ...more
Helpful Hints for Sharing Our Films with Others Issues of conscience and social justice bring up strong emotions, which can run the gamut from joy to grief, from excitement to introspection, from quiet resolve to simply feeling overwhelmed. There is no right or wrong when it comes to our emotional responses, they are simply an expression of our humanity and engagement with important issues. ...more

A Breakthrough Vehicle for Social Change

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home has a demonstrated ability to engage and inform people from all cultures and walks of life. While the film delves into a sensitive issue -- the ethical conflicts inherent in raising animals for food -- it does so in a non-controversial way, largely through the stories of people who were raised on multi-generational family farms. ...more

How to Hold a Post-Screening Discussion Moderating a discussion after a screening of Peaceable Kingdom or The Witness can be a very rewarding experience -- one that can literally change lives. This guide offers some general suggestions as well as a number of specific discussion techniques to help you lead a stimulating and fruitful discussion. ...more




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