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Many Languages, One Inspiring Message

Tribe of Heart's Global Tribal Initiative

Our four-step Global Tribal Initiative is designed to facilitate lasting, life-affirming transformation for countless individuals while building the foundation for long-term social change:

Step 1. Create groundbreaking, life-changing films capable of awakening conscience and inspiring compassion in people from all walks of life.

Step 2. Present these powerful films in a sincere, respectful context capable of inspiring a lifetime journey of compassion and service.

Step 3. Make these films understandable and accessible to the majority of human beings on this planet.

Step 4. Offer each person who watches our films a set of language-specific educational resources to help them change the course of their own life, as well as outreach tools to help them become an effective agent of change in their community and culture.

Global Tribal Cinema

Global Tribal Cinema is a free, multi-lingual, non-commercial online viewing and learning environment offering Tribe of Heart's award-winning feature documentaries, Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, and The Witness, as well as a number of related short films, mini-documentaries, and educational resources. A unifying theme of our work is Holistic Nonviolence, an emerging path for personal transformation and social evolution that is explored in depth on our Global Tribal Cinema site. All the films and videos on Global Tribal Cinema are presented with high-quality dubbing or subtitling, in concert with language-specific follow-up resources. Our goal is to empower any person who has been inspired by our films to play an immediate role in awakening and empowering others in their community and culture. 

From the beginning, our films have captured the imagination of viewers and motivated them to share the viewing experience with others. Now, advances in technology and wider access to the internet across cultures have made this easier, and more far-reaching, than ever before. Using web publishing and database technology developed from the ground up by our in-house team, we have mastered the complexities of subtitling Tribe of Heart's films and translating our support materials into any language, including those using pictographic characters such as Chinese, and right-to-left reading languages such as Hebrew and Arabic, allowing us to transcend barriers of geography and culture.

Our translation and publishing system allows us to convert thousands of translated phrases and subtitles in beautifully rendered web pages and subtitled films. It also provides access to our volunteer translators worldwide and allows them to efficiently apply their efforts. This work has incredible leverage in terms of creating positive change, and all involved find it rewarding to create such meaningful work that will be changing lives for years and years to come.

We work as much as possible with volunteer translators, who are often professionals in the field, but we also supplement when necessary with paid translators. In those cases, volunteer educators and activists, who are native speakers of the language and also have a deep understanding of the issues explored in our films, audit the subtitles and make changes to preserve the nuanced message and cultural sensitivity that characterize Tribe of Heart's films, and that is one of the keys to their effectiveness with audiences. Their meticulous oversight ensures that both artistry and accuracy are maintained as our message travels into each new language and cultural context.

The first edition of Global Tribal Cinema features five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. There are several additional languages in progress to be launched in 2017. Long term, we plan to offer our work in 20 languages or more.

Our long term goal is to make the message of our films understandable and accessible to the majority of human beings on our planet. We believe achieving this goal will help open the door to a potential breakthrough in the awakening of human conscience and in the development of the path of Holistic Nonviolence. This project now enters an exciting period, in which the efforts of many years are coming to fruition through the synergy of vision, aligned values, collaboration and community -- in short, by the power of human altruism.

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The Opportunities

During 2017, will be expanding the content and range of languages that our films and projects are offered in through Global Tribal Cinema. We have now developed the methods and technology needed to bring the message of holistic nonviolence into any language in a cost-effective and timely manner. With your help we are going to make this message of hope not only understandable and accessible to the majority of people on our planet, but also bring its existence into the awareness of as many individuals as possible.

1. Make a financial contribution. Tribe of Heart relies on the support of grassroots donations and grants. Your donation donation today will help us to expand our message across more languages and cultures. Please join us for this important work!

2. Volunteer your professional skills. If you have specialized knowledge and expertise in film distribution, fundraising, language translation, or other areas that will help us propagate our films and educational projects globally, contact us.

3. Participate in our programs by pursuing one or more options to SHARE the message of our films in your community: