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Empower Teachers & Healers

If we were to pause for a moment and consider all the people outside our own families who have had the greatest positive impact on our lives, one or more teachers would likely come to mind. For those of us who have endured great difficulty, whether the challenge was medical, social, or psychological, one or more practitioners of the healing arts would likely be high on the list of those who changed the course of our lives for the better. We appreciate teachers and healers because, at their best, they combine altruistic intent with deep insight into the art and science of cultivating health and human potential. What they give is of such value that it can never be directly repaid. It can only be passed on in the same spirit it was offered to us, as a gift to the generations to come.

With our work, we aspire to incorporate knowledge gleaned from those who have been our teachers and those who have helped us become more healthy and whole. In the making of our films, we strive to cultivate the values that are central to these professions and that foster a multi-generational perspective -- values for service, transparency, and lifelong learning. Because of this, our films tend to resonate with teachers and healers, who recognize the mindset behind their creation as being related to their own. Regularly, professionals in these fields will share with us how the message of a Tribe of Heart film affirms their own work, and how they plan to incorporate what they've learned from the viewing experience into their future efforts. Many teachers, for example, choose to show our films in their classes year after year.

If we look back in time to other struggles for justice, teachers have always been on the forefront of social progress. Their deep understanding of their communities and insight into the forces shaping their students' lives allowed them to foster positive change during difficult passages, opening the door to amazing transformations as their students came of age and put what they learned into action. Similarly, those in the healing arts have insight into what harms and heals the body and spirit, and are disproportionally represented amongst those who have taken a stand on moral issues even when doing so was difficult.

For all these reasons, we believe that making our films available to as many people in these influential professions as possible is one of the most important goals we can pursue. In doing so, we will be offering new paradigms and new tools to those who will handle them with integrity, opening the door to a level of change across the generations that is hard to imagine from the perspective of today.

Click here to read about New York City teacher Sarah Garner's innovative class project which combined a screening of The Witness with hands-on animal care. This week-long experience inspired her students to create passionate artistic statements reflecting their new awareness of the need to relate to other animals with kindness and respect.

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Tribe of Heart is developing larger-scale initiatives for teachers and healers that will be carried out later in the future. Here are several ways you can help us make progress in this area:

1. If you are funder or a philanthropist, you can make a financial contribution to support outreach projects in this area.

2. If you are a secondary school teacher, college professor or faculty member, or a healing arts professional, consider writing an endorsement of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home or The Witness that we can use when doing outreach to others in your field.

3. If you have experience with specific professional conferences or gatherings where a screening of one of our films could be appropriate, you can help pave the way to make that happen.

4. If you have creative ideas about how large numbers of teachers and/or those in the healing professions may be effectively introduced to our films, including examples of successful outreach programs carried out for other groundbreaking films, we want to hear from you!

Please contact us if you think you can help in one or more of these areas.


A retired school librarian had a goal of getting Tribe of Heart films into as many secondary school libraries as possible. So she developed an approach to systematically identify and reach out to her colleagues within the New York State school system, then donated copies to all the school libraries that were interested. Her efforts resulted in getting our films into 120 school libraries, making their message available to thousands of young people at a crucial time in their moral and ethical development.