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Engage Culture-Builders

In every era, and in every society, there are those who find themselves in the vanguard of cultural and scientific evolution, those whose insight and life experience have given them not only a deep understanding of the world we now live in, but an equally vivid grasp of what could be, of future possibilities.

People who have developed their talents to a level that makes it possible for them to break new ground tend to have a knack for identifying an idea whose time has come, or is about to come. When they have such realizations, they often integrate this new idea -- as they integrate everything else they know -- into their work, accelerating the advancement of social change in the process. Gandhi, for example, was deeply affected by Henry David Thoreau's pamphlet, "Civil Disobedience," recognizing within it a revolutionary idea, a path through which citizens could powerfully challenge an unjust law without resorting to violence. The potential leverage of just one capable visionary being exposed to a compelling new paradigm is beyond calculation. It could be the spark that ignites a major transformation.

In making our films, we have put a deliberate focus on communicating, in as direct a manner as possible, a handful of simple, yet potentially revolutionary ideas. Some of these ideas have not been previously expressed in a form that is easy to grasp yet also intellectually sound and emotionally authentic, and in a way that will retain its impact when translated across cultural boundaries.

If a concerted effort is undertaken to bring these films to the attention of visionaries on the leading edge of their fields, and if even a few of these individuals come to realize that the exploitation of animals is not only a matter of compassion, but first and foremost a matter of justice, then the movement toward a better future for us all will be accelerated.

One of the great justice issues of history is currently unfolding before our eyes. In such an era, each of us has the power to recognize and act upon ideas and values that may presently seem controversial and the subject of fierce debate, but will inevitably come to be seen as common sense. By introducing these ideas to cutting-edge thinkers in other fields of endeavor, we can make a measurable difference. We can follow in the footsteps of our predecessors, who recognized what was right, what was true, what was ready to be received by all people of conscience.

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Specific initiatives for culture-builders are being developed currently. Here are several ways you can help us make progress in this area:

1. If you are funder or a philanthropist, you can make a financial contribution to support outreach projects in this area.

2. If you have a personal connection with someone who is a leader in their field, consider providing them with a copy of our films. Let us know if you need further information or specific advice.

3. If you have experience with specific cultural, educational or scientific gatherings or events where a screening of the film could be appropriate, you can help pave the way to make that happen.

4. If you have creative ideas about how more of those who are visionaries or innovators in specific fields might be effectively introduced to our films, including examples of successful outreach programs carried out for other groundbreaking films, we want to hear from you!

Please contact us if you think you can help in one or more of these areas.


A well-known radio commentator with an audience of over 20 million in America's Heartland was so inspired by a Tribe of Heart film that he discussed it on his show and then offered a free copy to any of his listeners who worked in the field of education. He ended up sending out 450 copies to teachers all over the United States, most of whom would never have heard of our films through any other avenue. Included with each copy of the film was a survey that many recipients returned to us. The encouraging results indicated a high level of engagement, despite the fact that these ideas were entirely new to most of the respondents.