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Happy meat

According to the animal-using industry and some misinformed members of the general public, this term refers to various forms of animal flesh produced from the bodies of "happy" animals, such as those commonly depicted in cartoon or CGI form in advertisements. These romanticized depictions imply that the animals used by the industry live an idyllic life on green pastures under blue skies. Within the animal advocacy community, it is an ironic term for animal products promoted by the animal-using industry and some animal organizations as being "Humane," "Compassionate," "Cruelty-free," "Cage-free," "Free range," "Pasture-raised," "Organic," or "Animal-friendly." The irony derives from the fact that such labels create a false and misleading impression in the minds of the public, who would be both horrified and disgusted were they to actually see everything that happens to the animals whose lives are exploited and cut short in order to create these products. For background, see Compassion for Sale: Doublethink Meets Doublefeel as "Happy Meat" Comes of Age.

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