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Peaceable Journey

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    We are each of us angels
with only one wing,
and we can only fly
by embracing each other.

Luciano de Crescenzo


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What are the values that guide your fundraising activities?

Our Commitments

We pledge that our fundraising work will express the same values as our films and educational programs, and that we will raise money only using methods of which we would choose to be on the receiving end ourselves.

We will only seek those funds that are freely offered in support of our mission, and that do not come in exchange for corporate or organizational sponsorship or influence over the creation of our films and the conduct of our educational programs.

We will raise funds in ways that support the best in people, and avoid approaches that are wasteful or require objectification of any being.

Barring emergency circumstances, we will send out no more than two fundraising mailings a year, and the content of such mailings will be authored directly by the organization's founders.

We will do our best to protect the privacy and contact information of our supporters, which we will not share with other entities unless explicitly given permission to do so.

We will strive to present the means we use to raise funds and the way they are spent with clarity and simplicity.

We will devote only a small fraction of our organizational budget to fundraising activities, and will pursue growth only as a means of fulfilling our mission and not as an end in itself.

We will do our best every day to make the fullest possible use of all that is given, and endeavor to make our words and deeds honor the spirit of those who make our work possible.

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