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Peaceable Journey

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    Our bodies are our gardens -
our wills are our gardeners.

William Shakespeare


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Transitional foods

Those new to eating a diet based on plant foods -- vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and spices -- sometimes experience cravings for "comfort food" that is familiar or harkens back to positive childhood memories.. In recent years, everything from soy-based hot dogs and burgers to creamy frozen deserts and even dairy-free cheese substitutes required to satisfy late-night cravings for traditional pizza have become available. These sorts of processed food products can be thought of as "transitional," as for some they help ease the transition from a diet laden with meat, dairy and eggs to a vegan plant-based diet. Without a doubt, these foods look and taste similar to foods many of us shared with our families growing up and that many people in our society are still eating every day. In almost every case, they are significantly more healthy than their animal product-based counterparts. They are also produced without exploiting or killing anyone! Many people find that as they gain more familiarity with the healthful vibrance and endless variety of rich flavors found in freshly prepared foods made from whole, plant-derived ingredients, their appetite for transitional foods tends to decrease. Others include these processed foods as occasional elements of a diet primarily focused on fresh, whole plant-based foods, which can be deeply satisfying not just to our taste buds, but to our whole selves as an expression of a truly just, compassionate and sustainable way of life.

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Plant-based diet
Transitional foods


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