Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

Chief Seattle, 1855

Peaceable Journey
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Aren't "humane" animal products more sustainable?

Quite often, those promoting “humane” animal products suggest that these products are more sustainable than animal products from large industrialized operations. At first glance, this may seem to be true. When one pictures a traditional small-scale farm with large open pastures, and then, in contrast, a huge industrial facility surrounded by giant lagoons of waste products slowly leaching into the countryside, it seems like common sense that producing animal products on a small scale is better for the environment. However, the reality is far more complicated than these simple images suggest. The more fundamental question is whether any form of animal agriculture, if practiced on the scale needed to meet existing demand for animal products, is good for the environment, or sustainable.

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UN Reports

UN panel urges global move to meat- and dairy-free diet As the world‘s population surges towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, Western tastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable, says a United Nations panel on sustainable resource management...more

Vegetarian is the New Prius A UN report reveals that raising animals for food is a primary cause of land degradation, air pollution, water shortage, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and not least of all, global warming. ...more


FarmKind The non-profit organization of former animal farmer Harold Brown, whose remarkable story of awakening conscience is told in Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. He is now a public speaker on the global impact of animal agriculture, as well as its non-violent alternatives. He has helped other animal farmers transition toward sustainable, plant-based farming....more
Making the Connection - Farming This 5-minute video offers an overview of the many advantages of vegan organics, also called stock-free farming, a form of agriculture free of all artificial chemical products, genetically modified organisms, animal manures and slaughterhouse by-products....more
Square Foot Gardening Foundation This charitable non-profit aims "to end world hunger by reaching out to families and teaching them a simple and effective approach to growing healthy food for their daily meals, thus improving their diets and building a sense of connection to the earth and each other." ...more
Gone In the last 439 million years, there have been 5 great extinctions that wiped out between 50 and 95 percent of the species then living, events so devastating that the earth took millions of years each time to repopulate and rediversify. We are living through the 6th. It‘s projected that by the end of the century, half of the millions of species of plants and animals that now populate our planet will be gone--forever....more
"Green" Eggs and Ham? Proponents of locavorism have some admirable goals, such as living with increased environmental responsibility and decreasing corporate domination of our food supply. Yet, locavorism as it is currently being promoted suffers from several fatal flaws that need to be addressed. ...more


This inspiring 12-minute video proposes: “There is a way to build a better world, driven by the innate goodness of people and their values for justice, kindness and compassion: for other people, for the planet, for the animals."


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