The basis for peace is respecting all creatures. We know we cannot be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them.

Cesar Chavez, American Civil Rights Activist

Peaceable Journey
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Frequently Asked Questions
Given that we domesticated these animals, doesn’t that give us the right to use them?

What about indigenous people who kill and eat animals, but do so in a way that respects the animal's spirit?

My religious tradition doesn't forbid killing and eating animals, so that makes it okay, doesn’t it?

Making The Connection: Ethics

What are the steps we go through as our conscience awakens, and what are the dilemmas we face at each phase of the process? Tribe of Heart co-founder James LaVeck explores these questions in this video excerpt  from "Seasons of the Heart: Finding the Balance Between Light and Dark When Walking the Path of Conscience."

Glossary terms
Conscientious objection
Non-violent social change
Path of conscience
Privilege of domination
Values-based activism

Gandhi & Chavez: Legacy of Justice for All While Mohandas Gandhi and Cesar Chavez lived in different eras and worked in different cultural contexts, both envisioned a future in which fairness, respect, and protection from exploitation would not only be considered the rights of all human beings, but of non-humans as well....more
Dr. Tom Regan The filmmakers behind Tribe of Heart‘s documentaries were inspired and informed early on by the work of philosopher Tom Regan. This comprehensive web site pulls together some of his most insightful writings, videos, lectures, and other resources of the last few decades....more
Many Thousands Gone John Lyon Paul, a founding Board member of Tribe of Heart, created this interactive artwork comprised of massive tree trunks bound by steel bands. People drive nails into the sculpture while offering a prayer, a blessing, a vow, or in remembrance of an individual -- woman, man, child, or animal - who was the victim of another‘s violence....more
Creature Quotes A comprehensive and beautifully presented e-book of quotations from the earliest times to the present day, thoughtfully selected for their value to inform and inspire anyone seeking to develop their own understanding of the ethics of the human-animal relationship....more
Empty Cages - book excerpt
The World Peace Diet - book excerpt
Against All Odds
Nonviolence United
Moral Courage

Watch Australian advocate for justice Philip Wollen's impassioned argument as to why "Animals Should Be Off the Menu."  This 10-minute speech was delivered at the Intelligence Squared Debate hosted by the St. James Ethics Centre and the Wheeler Centre on May 16, 2012.

The British anti-slavery movement was the first justice movement in human history that was largely made up of individuals who were not themselves victims of the oppression being challenged. Many of the techniques pioneered by abolitionists of that era are still being used by activists today. This inspiring presentation  should give hope to anyone who believes today's injustices are so entrenched that we might as well give up on achieving significant change in our lifetimes, or that the efforts of a few people can't possibly impact a global problem.





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