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Peaceable Journey

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     A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.

-- Gandhi


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Step-by-Step Guide, including donation ideas

Step 1: Read A Breakthrough Vehicle for Social Change and 8 Reasons Educators Value Our Films.

Step 2: Draw up a list of people and organizations with whom you'd like to share a copy of the film. You can use the list below as a starting place for brainstorming.

Step 3: Order copies of the DVD to share.

Step 4: Share the DVDs, either in person, or by mail, accompanying the DVD with a note or detailed letter as you feel appropriate.

Step 5: Follow up to encourage those who haven't yet watched the film to do so. For those who have watched it, start a dialogue, and provide helpful resources and referrals.

Step 6: Share your creative ideas and experiences on the Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home Facebook page, and help other people achieve success with this rewarding form of personal outreach.

Donation and Gifting Ideas

4-H Clubs
Alternative to Violence Program
Animal Activists
Animal Shelters
Animal Sanctuaries
Birthday Gifts
Boys & Girls Club leaders
College Libraries
College Professors in various departments (Agriculture, Animal Studies, Comparative Literature, Environment, Ethics, Film & Media, Health, Law, Philosophy, Religion, Wildlife Programs, Veterinary Science)
Conference Organizers
Diversity Mediators
Donation for Fundraisers
Environmental Activists
Fashion Designers
Future Farmers of America Programs
Health Food Stores (often lend videos on health and environmental issues)
High School Libraries
High School Teachers
Holiday Gifts
Humane Educators
Humane Societies
Intentional Community Associations
Magazine Editors
More Friends
Newspaper Editors
Non-profit Groups
Party/Wedding Favors
Public Libraries
Social Activists
Social Service Shelters
Social Workers
Special Educators
Student Groups
Vegetarian & Vegan Groups
YMCA library or workshop coordinators
Youth Directors

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Give the Gift of Compassion

Peaceable Kingdom 10-pack

ORDER half-priced DVDs for the purpose of giving away. $100 for a 10-pack of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, $75 for a 10-pack of The Witness.

You may also receive this special discount on 10-packs if you wish to re-sell DVD's, provided that you agree not to offer them below Tribe of Heart's retail price of $20 for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, and $15 for The Witness.

Peaceable Kingdom 10-pack

In the Beginning...

The very first participant in Tribe of Heart's Gift of Compassion program was Will Tuttle, composer-performer and author of The World Peace Diet. Will was also one of the first people to approach us with the idea for the program.

Will’s music and speaking engagements take him all over the country, and along the way he has donated copies of Tribe of Heart films to the pastors of local churches in the communities where he holds concerts. It is precisely in this way, person to person, community to community, that positive change happens.

Thank you, Will, for your music, your writing, and your dedication to planting seeds of compassion wherever you go!

Will Tuttle


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