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Peaceable Journey

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Unlimited opportunities for dialogue and outreach

Because Tribe of Heart films and educational programs explore timely subjects such as nonviolence, the journey of awakening conscience, and the ethics of the human-animal relationship, they provide almost unlimited opportunities for blogging, discussion boards, and email lists. Our society cries out for rational and emotionally integrated dialogue on these matters. Here is a list of a few topic ideas:

- Your own experience of viewing a Tribe of Heart documentary

- A friend or family member's viewing experience

- Life changes that resulted from viewing one of the films

- Upcoming screenings, Tribe of Heart events or news stories

- The ethical dilemmas faced by subjects of the film and how they relate to your own or another person's life

- Reflections of how the stories told in the films relate to issues currently in the news

- Ideas for using the films as a vehicle for peaceful change

- Insights about how the message of the films relate to historical or contemporary justice causes

- The medium of film or documentary as a vehicle for helping to create peaceful change

- The approach taken to handling the sensitive subject matter of the films

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Mary Martin of Animal Person has blogged about our films and programs.


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