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Various presentations - July 4 thru July 7
Thu, Jul 4, 2013  TBA
Johnstown PA
Registered Conference Guests

with Tribe of Heart co-founders James LaVeck & Jenny Stein

Conference Center at U of Pitt-Johnstown
450 Schoolhouse Road

The following presentations will be offered as part of the North American Vegetarian Society's annual Vegetarian Summerfest, held July 3-7 at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. To learn more about this event and how to register, click here.

The Quiet Voice that Shakes the World
Greed, violence and mass exploitation have long plagued our world, and now have become so extreme that the very survival of our ecosystem is at risk. For centuries, there have been those who sought to offer an alternative. The selflessness, moral courage and commitment to nonviolence of Leo Tolstoy, Henry David Thoreau, Mohandas Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer are legendary. Yet historical accounts tend to underplay a common thread between them: a deep connection with, and concern for, our fellow animals. Understanding how profoundly this all-inclusive ethic of justice and compassion affected the moral development of such visionaries may hold the key to unlocking our species' highest potential.

Invasion of the Movement Snatchers – 2013 edition
Over the past eight years, the US animal advocacy movement has been co-opted at a remarkable pace. A marketing scheme dreamed up by the meat industry and wealthy animal protection organizations to increase consumption of “humane” animal products has marginalized and displaced authentic justice advocacy. Those who once directly challenged the use and killing of animals are now promoting people, companies and technologies that use and kill animals “the right way.” How could this reversal have happened? With a timeline of key events, we will identify the methods used to mislead the public and manipulate activists. As more people understand what is happening and why, the door is opened toward creating a healthy and effective justice movement.

Healing the pain of an open heart: How activists can transform despair into empowerment
Grief, anger and burn-out afflict many who struggle against injustice, often leading to depression and destructive coping behaviors. Overcoming these distressing states of mind starts with understanding how they arise and the critical role they play in unlocking our deeper potential. This presentation will offer insight and practical methods for healing and renewal based on the experiences of long-term justice advocates, past and present.

A Movement We Can Believe In: Reclaiming the integrity of authenticity of our work for justice
Experienced activists in the US and around the world are troubled by the direction taken in recent years by organizations that dominate animal advocacy. But what does the alternative look like? How can we clarify the boundary between an authentic justice movement and the compromised, co-opted “McMovement” that has aligned itself with animal exploiters, increasingly becoming an unapologetic vehicle for promoting “humane” animal products? How can we become more clear about which forms of activism build the foundation of the society we want to help create, and which forms undermine it? How can we identify and address abuses of power and betrayals of public trust that devastate the energy and idealism of activists? Bring your questions and ideas to this structured dialogue, where we will address these and similarly challenging questions with the intent of calling forth the insight and collective wisdom of our community.

Behind the lens, behind the eyes - The art of social justice filmmaking
Tribe of Heart's documentaries explore the ethics of the human-animal relationship, and were made with the intention of fostering a paradigm shift for viewers across cultures and from all walks of life. In this multi-faceted presentation, scenes from Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness will be shown as a jumping off point for filmmakers and film subjects to discuss the personal and creative challenges posed by this unique form of activism. Offering both inspiring and amusing behind-the-scenes insights, and inviting the audience to participate in the group dialogue, this session will be of equal interest to film buffs, animal lovers, and social justice advocates.

How to get there

(518) 568-7970

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