"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

—Mahatma Gandhi

When Tribe of Heart was founded, we dedicated ourselves to creating ground-breaking artistic works and educational programs that could empower any caring person to become an agent of peaceful transformation in their community.

Making a study of history's humanitarians and moral leaders, we found that those who achieved the greatest impact over their lifetimes seemed to put their attention on making sure that each step they took was made in accordance with their values. We came to believe that in the long term, doing the right things for the right reasons, unifying our goals with the means used to pursue them, would teach us the art of doing the greatest amount of good while causing the least harm.

Thus, we made the commitment to take our work as far as we possibly could without compromising our principles at any step along the way. We would respond to the inevitable frustrations, mistakes and setbacks on our path, not by compromising our ideals, but by being more creative, working harder, being willing to reconsider our own assumptions, and listening more carefully to those whose wisdom exceeded our own.

As the years have passed, we have seen that contributing to the well-being of others requires being well oneself, and to be well is to be whole. We cannot be whole if we are overcome by fear, if we are attached to the results of our work, or if our hearts and minds are split into compartments.

The biographies of lifelong humanitarians show that integrity -- the strength that develops from the process of becoming more whole -- is the very foundation of our human potential not only to be of service, but also to sustain peace, creativity, and joy.

Since the day our organization was founded, we have never regretted for a single moment the commitments we have made. We’ve learned so much, met so many people who uplift and inspire us, and gained much greater faith through the journey we have traveled.

For those whose lives and work have defined this path for us and lit the way ahead, we offer our deepest thanks and humble admiration. To those who seek faith in their own ability to align their lives with their values, we offer our enthusiastic and heartfelt encouragement--there is no journey more worth taking. And to those who suffer alone and hidden away in silence, unable to lift themselves out of misery and oppression, we offer our commitment to never stop working on your behalf. Your freedom is our happiness.

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Prime Directives

Follow the
Golden Rule
Remember that the means are the end.

what is Good
Do the right things for the right reasons.


Protect the Vulnerable

Restore the Earth

Create a Just and Sustainable Future

Path of Action



Tell the Truth

Reveal Beauty

Foster Community

Empower the Individual

Inspire Peaceful Change