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Global Tribal Cinema – because “Everybody should see this film”

We have some great news to share! During its first two months, Tribe of Heart’s Global Tribal Cinema had 26,000 page loads, leading to over 10,000 viewings of our films, and in 94 different countries! Nearly half of these viewings happened in countries where English is not the native language. Happily, there are people all over the world who want to expand their understanding of what it means to live with respect and compassion for all!

In case you missed our earlier announcement, Tribe of Heart’s Global Tribal Cinema (GTC) makes Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home available online for free viewing for the very first time, in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. At the same time, it offers The Witness and several other inspirational/educational videos, along with Tribe of Heart’s complete web site, in these five languages, thanks to the artistry and dedication of our incredible team of translator/activists.

As we had hoped, the accessibility of our films in so many new places is resulting in new opportunities for audience members to spring into action! Recently we had an inquiry from an online viewer who is now planning a public screening in New Caledonia, an island nation a few hundred miles off the coast of Australia, with a population of just 270,000, comprised of citizens of both indigenous and European backgrounds. How exciting to know that a person in this diverse culture wants to hold a screening of the French version of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home!

Meanwhile, in Spain, Peaceable Kingdom recently came to the attention of the film curator for the Centre for Animal Ethics, a think-tank based at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University. Excited to have this new teaching tool available in Spanish, she immediately planned screenings and included the film on the Centre’s list of recommended educational resources. And in Scotland, a vegan group which includes several members originally from agricultural backgrounds, is doing outreach with screenings of Peaceable Kingdom, including one at an agricultural college.
Along with energizing international screenings, the GTC is also motivating online outreach, with some very exciting results. Recently, someone started sharing the Spanish version of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home online. First, we saw a spike in views in Spain. Then, an uptick in Mexico. Then, Argentina and Paraguay, and next Chile. And finally, in Ecuador and Guatemala. It was amazing to see almost in real time how a ripple of inspiration can move across the world, touching people’s lives enough to jump oceans and cross continents, bringing the message of our films to entirely new groups of viewers. Just imagine what would be possible if each one of us started our own ripples of change, by seeking out all the ways we know to get other people to begin watching and sharing these films. Can a change of heart change the world? Let’s see what’s possible!

The launch of the GTC has gone so well, we are moving up our timeframe for the addition of new languages, and will soon be making an exciting announcement that will go a long way toward reaching viewers in the areas of the distribution map above that are not yet populated. In all the many years we’ve been sharing our films with audiences, one of the most consistent responses we’ve received is, “Everybody should see this film.” In the not too distant future, we will be happy to respond, “Now, most people can!”

3 ways YOU can help change lives all over the world: 
1. Try our new Compassion Cards! 
Whole new avenues of outreach have opened up now that Tribe of Heart films are available for free online viewing in five languages. We encourage you to visit the Global Tribal Cinema and take advantage of this unique opportunity by using email and social networking to help spread the word to your friends far and wide, at home and abroad.
Because our Global Tribal Cinema is optimized for both mobile and desktop users, people can now immediately access Tribe of Heart films right on their phones or ipads. Currently, that’s how one-third of our audience is watching! So, one way you can entice your friends is to show them a preview on a mobile device, following up by sending them a link to the film, or handing them a Compassion Card.

What is a Compassion Card, you ask? It is an attractive double-paneled business card designed to pique interest in Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness, offering teaser descriptions, a list of awards, and the web address for instant viewing. These cards are ideal to hand out in person as part of a conversation about the film, or after you’ve shared the preview. They also can be distributed in countless community locations where you think people might be interested, such as independent movie houses, health food stores, college campuses, farmers’ markets – let your imagination run! It’s exciting to consider that the simple act of sharing a Compassion Card could change the course of someone’s life.

You can order Compassion Cards in batches of 100 for $10 (includes shipping in the US), with discounts for larger quantities. Unfortunately, shipping outside the US is pricey, but email us if you’d like a quote.
We’d love to hear your creative ideas for how you plan to use these cards, and what results you are getting. We will share your best ideas in our upcoming newsletters, making the most of our community’s collective creativity! 
Order Compassion Cards
2. Hold a screening 
Holding a screening is an incredibly powerful way to share the message of our films with friends, family, co-workers, or your community at large. Many people who have held screenings have indicated it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Venues for these events have ranged from dorm rooms, conference rooms, and private homes, to cafés, yoga studios and community centers, to public libraries and college classrooms, to international conferences and arts festivals, to movie theaters and auditoriums seating audiences of several hundred.
Public screenings take advance planning, time, and dedication, but the results can be remarkable. In some cases, they have brought about profound changes not just for some audience members and event organizers, but even within an entire community, as when Father Frank Mann and The Tablet Catholic newspaper hosted the New York City premiere of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home.
So are you ready to try it? No experience is necessary! We have extensive resources that cover every aspect of holding a screening, from planning to publicity to conducting the event itself. 
Read our step-by-step guide
3. Make a contribution
Tribe of Heart is a small organization, but we’ve always been guided by a big vision. Since 2000, our films have been changing hearts and minds, fueled by the power of creativity, commitment, conscience, and community. Because we do a vast amount of technical work in-house, we are able to accomplish a great deal on a small budget. But we still depend on donations to create our films and to make them accessible to people all around the world.
Global Tribal Cinema is simply the highest leverage program we’ve ever created, with the potential to inspire life-changing paradigm shifts in unlimited numbers of people. Your donation today will help us add more languages to GTC, and also help more people become aware it exists. We’ve seen time and again that when someone experiences a change of heart, they will go on to become an agent of change themselves. In this way, each ripple feeds into a growing wave of positive change. This is how “a change of heart can change the world.” With GTC, the possibilities are endless!
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Thank you, friends, for your loyal support and endless creativity. Without you, none of our work is possible!

In gratitude,
James LaVeck & Jenny Stein
Co-founders & Filmmakers
Tribe of Heart
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