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Peaceable Kingdom at Environmental Film Fest

You are invited to the EAST COAST PREMIERE of Tribe of Heart's new documentary
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

Q&A with filmmakers Jenny Stein & James LaVeck, and film subject Harold Brown

Saturday, March 27th at 12:15 PM

Carnegie Institution, Elihu Root Auditorium
1530 P Street NW (Metro: Dupont Circle), Washington, DC Map | Directions

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About the film...

Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a new documentary by the award-winning filmmakers of The Witness.

A story of transformation and healing, this groundbreaking new film explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life.

The 78-minute documentary features seven remarkable individuals engaged in a courageous struggle of conscience, each trying to re-integrate the parts of themselves that were fragmented by expectations and experiences that went against their deepest natures. The film provides insight into their sometimes amazing connections with the animals under their care, while also making clear the complex web of social, psychological and economic forces that have led them to their conflict.

Described by many viewers as "a life-changing experience," Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home shatters stereotypical notions of farmers, farm life, and perhaps most surprisingly, farm animals themselves.

Festivals are saying...

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home truly is a journey of inspiration;
a journey to an enlightened consciousness.”
—Elizabeth English, Founder
Moondance International Film Festival

“I believe this important, groundbreaking film deserves the widest possible audience because of its potential to advance our understanding of the essential personhood of animals and our innate human capacity to relate to them with compassion, joy and respect.”
—Steve Grumette, Co-Founder
Ojai-Ventura International Film Festival

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a grand wake up call... you would have to be so numb to not be affected by this film."
—Milissa Pacelli, Director
Peace on Earth Film Festival

Audiences are saying...

"Phenomenal film. Life-changing."

"I felt 'whole' after watching the film. It makes connections that I don't encounter in everyday life. It made me feel larger than myself, like I am a part of something bigger."

"Moving and honest."

"Beautiful. Courageous. It has raised my awareness to a whole new level."

"The first time I cried and laughed at the same time. I feel awakened and alive."

"This is by far the best film on our modern agricultural system, and an alternative view, that I have ever seen."

"It has re-awakened in my soul what I have known all along and now I must follow. Thank you."

"We are truly all connected, and this documentary shows this better than anything else out there."

"Very clarifying, morally and ethically."

"Our world needs this message -- it was heartfelt, tragic, hopeful and inspiring. I'm overwhelmed and grateful."

"I can honestly say that after seeing this film, I am changed for the better."

"This film reminds me to live with heartfelt connections to animals, people and the earth."

"My heart has been broken, and opened."

"Everyone on the planet needs to see this film. I am deeply moved."

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Watch a Preview of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
World Premiere Video Watch video highlights from the World Premiere screening.
PK at POEFF Watch video highlights from the Chicago Premiere screening.

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Event details...

Elihu Root AuditoriumPeaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home will be shown at the Carnegie Institution (Elihu Root Auditorium). The event is free. There are no advance reservations, and seating is on a first come, first served basis.

Carnegie InstitutionDIRECTIONS: the Carnegie Institution is located at 1530 P Street, NW (the corner of 16th and P Streets), three blocks due east of Dupont Circle (the nearest Metro stop) and ten blocks due north of the White House. Map & Travel Directions

Q&A following film...

Filmmakers Jenny Stein and
James LaVeck
Jenny Stein and James LaVeck

The work of documentary filmmakers Jenny Stein and James LaVeck has been recognized by film festival juries and audience members for its uncompromising yet compassionate portrayal of the interplay between what is most troubling in human society with what is most inspiring in human nature. Stein (director) and LaVeck (producer) are co-founders of the Ithaca, New York-based non-profit documentary production organization Tribe of Heart.

For the last ten years, Tribe of Heart films have appeared in 72 festivals around the world and won 16 awards, including 3 for Best of Festival and 12 for Best Documentary. Their work has appeared on PBS, LinkTV, FreeSpeech TV, and the United Kingdom’s Community Channel.

Film subject Harold Brown

Harold BrownA fifth-generation farmer from Michigan, Harold Brown worked in animal agriculture for half of his life. In Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, he shares the touching story of how he broke away from the traditions of his upbringing to forge a new way in the world, based on his desire to live in harmony with his most deeply held values. In 2008, Harold founded a charitable organization called Farmkind, “to be a resource for farmers who want to make the transition from animal based to plant based agriculture, for consumers to learn a different perspective on how food is produced, to help those who desire to reconnect with the land and become farmers, to support local food production, environmental and social justice issues, the rights of all living beings to be co-cohabitants of this planet, and how these things have everything to do with creating the peaceful world that all beings desire.”

About the festival...

Since 1993, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital has worked to foster understanding of global, national and local environmental issues through film. The festival embraces a broad definition of environmental film, encompassing films that not only celebrate the splendor of the natural environment and examine its vulnerabilities, but also address such topics as globalization and industrialization both at home and abroad. The festival’s aim is to engage a broad and diverse public of all ages with a sense of the drama, significance and beauty of the environment and of its central role in our daily lives, health and future. Screenings are enhanced by discussion with filmmakers, environmental experts and cultural leaders.

Environmental film festival

The 18th annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital will be held March 16-28, showing 130 films at more than 50 venues around Washington, DC. The vital connections between food and the environment will be a special theme of this year's festival.

Tribe of Heart logoTribe of Heart is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that produces award-winning, life-changing films about the journey of awakening conscience and the ethics of the human-animal relationship. As a small organization with a big vision, we depend on the power of our community to make our programs come to life. Thank you for the many ways you help Tribe of Heart encourage positive, peaceful transformation.

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