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calf runningTribe of Heart needs your support now, more than ever, to keep the momentum building and to develop the resources and support needed to launch 'Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home' on DVD. Please help us bring this powerful tool to people who are eager to put it to use in communities around the world!


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View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

Update on DVD release of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
Working for change in an era of economic distress
Dear friends,

These days at Tribe of Heart, our voicemail and email boxes are overflowing with requests for a DVD version of our new film. How wonderful to know that our work is needed and appreciated. Nothing could be more encouraging! And yet, how frustrating not to be able -- right now -- to put a copy of the film into the hands of each person eager to unleash its transformative potential.

So, many of you may be wondering, what's the hold up?

Like many other organizations, Tribe of Heart has been hit hard by the economic downturn. At a time when our work load is at an all-time high, donations and grants are at an all-time low. What this means is that accomplishing our goals according to a fixed schedule has become much more challenging, in some cases nearly impossible. Like many other organizations and businesses, we now have to be more flexible and creative in the path we take to pursuing our objectives. At the same time, we are holding even more strongly to our long-term vision: Making Tribe of Heart films, along with their inspiring and life-changing message, understandable and accessible to the majority of people in the world (our newly launched Online Screening Room for The Witness is one example of how we are making progress toward this goal).

The great news is that the viewer response to our new documentary has been, thus far, the deepest and most comprehensive that has ever been generated by any of our films. The written comments we have collected from audiences have been amazing, and so encouraging! The film is clearly making the individuality and inherent worth of animals vividly apparent to people from a very wide range of political and philosophical beliefs. At the same time, it has received consistent praise for its honesty, balance and non-judgmental approach. This is a project that has the feel of destiny to it, and it has drawn to Tribe of Heart the most dedicated and qualified group of staff and volunteers with whom we have ever had the honor of working.

These exciting developments, along with overwhelming feedback from audiences asking for additional information and guidance, have only increased our commitment to creating online and printed resources specific to the film that will complement and intensify its impact for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. We have concluded that it is essential to give this crucial work the time and attention that it deserves so that when the film goes into DVD release, it does so as an integrated educational vehicle for which the screening experience is just the first step.

In the coming months, we hope to see you at film festivals and other special screening events leading up to the DVD release. As soon as all the necessary financial, staff and educational support resources are in place, we will announce the DVD release date. Leading up to this, we hope to partner with community educators to hold a series of high profile premiere events that will focus on community building and activism while also publicizing the DVD launch.

We are so grateful to each of you who have reached out to support our work during such a challenging economic time. Your contributions, in the many forms you have given them, are the lifeblood of our program. We are likewise appreciative of the many who have contacted us with such enthusiasm about getting access to Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Please know that we are listening and doing all that we can to make the most of the tremendous opportunity before us.

During this time of creative and logistical challenges, your donations are more crucial, and will empower a greater impact, than ever before. Please join us!

James & JennyWarm wishes,
James and Jenny
Co-founders, Tribe of Heart

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