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Italia Millan and goat friend

Online Screening Room To Offer Unprecedented Outreach Opportunities


Tribe of Heart's Online Screening Room will initially offer The Witness for free online viewing in:

- English
- English with closed captions
- Spanish subtitles
- Spanish dubbing

Following this initial release, the Screening Room will offer the film in Chinese, Czech, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Swedish.

Italia Millan can be reached at:

View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

Italia Millan to Coordinate International Initiative
New online screening room will empower activists around the world
Educator and activist Italia Millan is taking on a two-month project at Tribe of Heart to coordinate the completion and launch of our international online initiative. The focus of this new initiative is our virtual Screening Room, where we will offer The Witness for free viewing in 12 languages, along with tools and resources to make it easy to share the film with people around the world.

Italia's commitment to nonviolence and peaceful transformation has been demonstrated by the leadership she has shown in organizing citizens to protect the water of the Great Lakes region, as well as by the key role she has played in a spirited local campaign that put a stop to a brutal deer-killing program in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Italia and her husband Don are also experienced street-level educators, spending many of their weekends doing outreach work on animal issues at local colleges and other community venues. Italia's passion for justice, and her focus on awakening and empowering others to take action in their own communities, is an inspiration to everyone on the Tribe of Heart staff. We look forward to working with her to launch this exciting international project.

Italia writes:

I'm very honored to be part of Tribe of Heart's collaborative team and to have the opportunity to work on projects that will not only open people's hearts and minds to widen their circle of compassion, but will also provide a sense of inclusion and reaffirmation to those who are already striving to lead a life of nonviolence and respect for our world and all its beings.

My personal journey has been long and a little lonely at times, but I'm grateful to have found the information and support that has and continues to help me to better align my life with my core values. Tribe of Heart has had a very positive impact in my life and has empowered me to fight for what I believe in, not only by leading by example, but also by spreading the word and empowering other people to take action.

The multi-language online screening room will provide activists from all over the world with a powerful tool to easily spread awareness and inspiration to people in their own countries and in their own languages. It is my goal to successfully coordinate and assist activists in the endeavor of making high quality and faithful translations of Tribe of Heart's educational tools, ensuring they maintain their true essence.

I'm excited to be part of this project and looking forward to working with TOH's supporters and friends around the world. Together, we are going to make some amazing things happen!

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