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This fawn is one of the individuals who is at risk of being baited and shot in Cayuga Heights.

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View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

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Four letters published opposing deer-killing plan
In response to James LaVeck's "Shot for a Tulip" op-ed, four letters were published in the most recent Ithaca Times criticizing Cayuga Heights' deer-killing plan. Here are some highlights:
"Ithaca is purported to be an enlightened community. The intolerance expressed by this group of people is anything but. The plan is so contemptible, dangerous and cruel; I cannot understand why any thinking human would approve it. Maybe that's the problem. They're not thinking."
-- Anne Serling (this letter also appeared in the Ithaca Journal)

"Wildlife is a part of our life and yep we lose a few tulips some times (My Hasta's haven't made it to blossom in years because of deer). Do you think you in Cayuga Heights are so superior that you can just eradicate a species? ... Live with it, and enjoy the beauty that watching the wildlife brings, we do."
--Debby Sanford

"I am repeatedly struck by the style and language of the people advocating slaughter. They consistently remain cut off from the experience of being hurt and killed... Empathy is always absent when one advocates for destroying, mutilitating, and killing others. The others become objects, not living and feeling beings, and then, anything is acceptable."
--Irene Muschel

"Yes, this community is losing its mind despite its education. It's not too late though to stop it from losing its heart."
--Prad Basu
People wrote in from Manhattan and Canada, so our local battle is gaining attention beyond the borders of Cayuga Heights, NY. Working together, we have already demonstrated that this issue is gathering widespread attention -- and this is before any guns have been fired. It's important to keep the pressure on and to let the Cayuga Heights community know that their unsafe, unethical, unrealistic and unnecessary deer-killing plan is also unacceptable to a majority of caring, thinking people around the world.

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