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"El Testigo" (The Witness in Spanish) coming soon to an online screening room near you!

Action opportunity: Help us raise the curtain!

This international online initiative has been many years in the making, and once it is launched, we expect the opportunities for education and outreach are going to rapidly multiply. If you are as inspired as we are by this chance to plant seeds of compassion and respect on a planetary scale, please consider making a donation to help us respond to the ever growing international demand for effective educational tools. Our long term goal is to make our films understandable, and accessible, to the majority of people in the world. Together, we can make this incredible dream a reality.

View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

TOH to go global with debut of Online Screening Room
The Witness to be available online in 12 languages
We will soon be realizing the first phase of a long-term vision we've had to make our films available to the widest possible international audience. Our newly created Tribe of Heart Online Screening Room will be launched later this Summer, making The Witness available for free online viewing.

This initiative has been propelled by the constant flow of requests we receive from people all over the world who wish not only to view our films in their native language, but more importantly, to share the film's message with others in their country. Over the last several years, the level of international interest has grown to the point where we feel compelled to respond. As an organization with modest resources wishing to reach out to people of all backgrounds and cultures, the internet and video streaming became a natural solution.

Over the last five years, Tribe of Heart has mastered all the technologies needed to subtitle our films in any language as well as translate and publish in any language on the web, including the many languages around the world that do not utilize the Roman character set. This knowledgebase and skill set, which includes the support of dedicated translators who have donated tremendous amounts of their time, opens up a truly wonderful opportunity.

Not only will The Witness itself be made available in multiple languages, but so will all of the web page menu items and written content of the Tribe of Heart Online Screening Room, allowing international viewers to fully participate in the site and immediately take action themselves by doing things like sending viewing invitations to friends in their native language. We will begin with English, closed-captioned and Spanish versions of The Witness, and eventually offer free online viewing in the 10 other languages we already have completed subtitling for: Chinese, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Swedish.

Completion of the Tribe of Heart Online Screening Room represents an exciting milestone toward our goal of making a real contribution to change on a global level. It is a triumph of international grassroots activism, with volunteers from all over the world working together to make this complex project come to life.

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