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Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home promises to break new ground as an artistic statement and as a vehicle for personal transformation. The demands of completing this multi-year film project along with numerous related educational projects has exhausted Tribe of Heart's financial resources. In order to realize the potential of this tremendous opportunity to open hearts and minds around the world, we need your financial support now. Please consider making a donation today. Our entire creative team believes that this film represents the best and most important work we have ever done, and every step along the way, it has been the power of caring, compassionate people who have made it all possible. Working together, we can (and will!) change the world.

View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home to launch in the Fall with a film festival run
New documentary strikes positive chord with test viewers
We are very excited to announce that Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is completed and will be showing at film festivals this Fall, followed by other special events yet to be announced. Recent test screening results were incredibly promising, with 97% of test viewers indicating that they found viewing the film a worthwhile experience, the highest audience approval rating a Tribe of Heart film has ever received.

Perhaps most exciting of all, audience feedback shows that a wide range of people find the film a mind- and heart-opening exploration of the human conscience. It is, as one test viewer described it, "first and foremost a film about doing the right thing." In these tumultuous times, in which so many people are overwhelmed and confused about their own role in the struggle to save our planet, there is a pressing need for films that can help awaken large numbers of people and inspire the tremendous level of effort required to change our ways individually and collectively.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home brings new understanding not only by exposing a hidden injustice, but even more so by offering a truly compelling exploration of the true nature of those who are experiencing the injustice. The film explores a way of thinking of, and relating to animals that is new to most viewers, and that nearly everyone who has seen the film comments upon and finds inspiring. We noticed that an unusually high number of test viewers seem to have taken their viewing experience as an opportunity to change their own lives, to take steps toward aligning their daily choices with their values.

Below is a sampling of their complex and thoughtful comments. We hope you are as excited by what they had to say as we are!

Comments from Test Viewers

"I felt 'whole' after watching the film. It makes connections that I don't encounter in everyday life. It made me feel larger than myself, like I am a part of something bigger."

"This film reminds me to live with heartfelt connections to animals, people and the earth. I love the depth of the film. I truly felt connected to people working for change and felt sincere compassion for the animals... This film encourages gratitude. I would recommend it to all!"

"This beautiful movie has helped to inspire, motivate and educate me... such a powerful, beautiful and provocative film."

"I always thought of farm animals as just farm animals (smelly, etc.) until I saw this film. I realized that I shouldn't think this way. It opened my eyes and made me think."

"It showed how much some people really care about animals and their right to live in a loving atmosphere. I realized that even though the owners/raisers of animals can love them all they want… they all end up dying anyway. It made me look at the big picture, that what drives such mistreatment and disrespect is money and productivity... It really made me think about how the animals are treated, and now I want to change my diet."

"We saw their faces--emotions and yearning for a voice, while the rationalized systems of the farming industry scarcely trembled. It was a unique narrative showing the injustices done to animals by the farm animal industry."

"It changed my perspective on farm animals... I'm never eating meat again!"

"I am aware of the cruelties that go on in dairy farms, etc. However this film made the connection between farm animals and people. It made the distinction that farm animals are individuals. I want to be a vegetarian now!"

"It was very informative for someone who thought they were doing the correct thing by only buying "humane" meat. I guess in my own way, I was doing a similar thing to the farmers who were featured in the film. I was blocking the fact that lives were still being terminated. My future consumption of animal products is in question."

"Seeing how each animal was when free--it was just like any other pet… extremely powerful! I've read about issues like this, but the film makes it real, to see it, that it's not just a made up story. It shows the consequences of your actions. This situation exists because of the supply for it. Everybody can change it. I think this film should be shown at every possible opportunity, not just to college campuses. Will make a difference."

"Very clarifying, morally and ethically."

"I am rethinking my views toward meat eaters, myself included. A moving film, very eye opening."

"Purely amazing! So insightful, it made me cry. I am never eating meat again!"

"The footage of the lambs and goats being so personal with the farmers brought the realization that these animals have emotions like us... It changed my perspective on meat consumption."

"It was so moving, and the images will stay in my mind forever… Although I do not eat a lot of meat normally, I am now considering going vegetarian."

"I never thought about this issue before. I would encourage others to see this film so their eyes would be opened too."

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