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View & share the film online


Invasion of the Movement Snatchers

Fri, Jul 5, 2013  11:15 - 12:30 PM
Johnstown PA
For Registered Conference Guests

2013 Edition

Conference Center at U of Pitt-Johnstown
450 Schoolhouse Road

Open to attendees of the 2013 Vegetarian Summerfest conference.

Over the past eight years, the US animal advocacy movement has been co-opted at a remarkable pace. A marketing scheme dreamed up by the meat industry and wealthy animal protection organizations to increase consumption of “humane” animal products has marginalized and displaced authentic justice advocacy. Those who once directly challenged the use and killing of animals are now promoting people, companies and technologies that use and kill animals “the right way.” How could this reversal have happened? With a timeline of key events, we will identify the methods used to mislead the public and manipulate activists. As more people understand what is happening and why, the door is opened toward creating a healthy and effective justice movement.

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(518) 568-7970

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