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The Witness launched in Russian for free online viewing
Our new international outreach tool is made possible through creative collaboration with grassroots activists around the world

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Six months ago, we launched Tribe of Heart's Online Screening Room as the first stage of our Global Tribal initiative, with a goal of making our films understandable and accessible to the majority of people on the planet. The Screening Room project not only enables people all over the world to have access to The Witnessour films in their own languages, it also offers language-specific outreach and teaching tools, allowing for an instantaneous transition between the transformational experience of watching a Tribe of Heart film and taking action.

We began by releasing our first film, The Witness, for free online viewing in English, Closed Captions, Spanish dubbed, and Spanish subtitled. Today we launch the Russian screening room. Learn more about this exciting new milestone and our future plans with the Online Screening Room by watching this slide show narrated by Tribe of Heart co-founder James LaVeck.

Russia-based Voices for Animals Festival (Golosa Za Zhivotnikh) will be featuring screenings of The Witness this summer in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod and other cities. Dates and times TBA.

Humane Myth

New video resource on
Humane Myth web site
"Seasons of the Heart"
Finding the balance of
light and dark while walking
the path of conscience

Seasons of the Heart

For many years now, Tribe of Heart co-founder and filmmaker James LaVeck has been giving talks on critical thinking, social justice, and the essential role of grassroots activism and independent media in maintaining a healthy democracy.

At last year's Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA, he gave an in-depth presentation geared toward longtime activists that highlighted the stages and cycles of moral development, while offering insight into how to work with the inevitable struggle with disillusionment that accompanies a commitment to align one's life with one's values. This talk is relevant to anyone working to create positive change in today's turbulent environment.

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James will be giving three more talks at this year's Vegetarian Summerfest, happening July 7-11. Details below.

Conference Premiere of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

Peaceable Kingdom

Sat., July 10 at 8:30 PM, Johnstown, PA

Vegetarian Summerfest
Annual Conference of the North American Vegetarian Society
This event is for conference attendees only

Screening followed by Q&A
with filmmakers Jenny Stein & James LaVeck and film subjects Harold Brown, Cayce Mell and Jason Tracy

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center, University of Pittsburgh

We are delighted to be returning to the annual Vegetarian Summerfest for the conference premiere of our new film, which will also be the first public screening attended by film subjects Cayce Mell and Jason Tracy. Former farmer Harold Brown will also be joining us. Both he and producer James LaVeck will be giving talks throughout the weekend:

Wednesday, July 7
2:45 – 3:45 PM
Globalization and the Implications
for Animals and Activism

presented by Harold Brown
How does globalization, which seems unstoppable, affect humans, nonhumans, our health and the planet? Join Farmer Brown as we wend our way through this complex topic to better understand how we can make a
change for the better.

Thursday, July 8
3:00 – 4:00 PM
Understanding Cruelty

presented by Harold Brown
Farmer Brown will share his journey from violence to a place of nonviolence and peace. This session will explore the three stages of cruelty and how we can take
action to bring it to a stop.

Friday, July 9
11:15 AM – 12:30 PM
Recognizing and Rising above
“The McMovement”

presented by James LaVeck
How the meat industry’s co-option of the animal advocacy movement continues to lead activists to violate their own values, and what we can do to reclaim our idealism and heal the disillusionment and despair caused by this unfortunate trend.

Friday, July 9
1:45 – 2:45 PM
The New “Sustainable” Animal
Exploitation Concept

presented by Harold Brown
Confronting the “locavore” idea of sustainable animal farming, Farmer Brown will explore the deeper ideas and agendas that drive these movements.


Friday, July 9
4:10 – 5:10 PM
Agree to Disagree

Panel with Harold Brown and James LaVeck, moderated by Vance Lemkuhl
When is it appropriate for animal activists with different methods of operation, and perhaps different underlying ideologies, to critically examine the work of other activists in a public forum? Does there come a point where divisions are too great, and the best thing to do is form a new movement? How do we decide if that time is upon us?

Saturday, July 10
9:55 – 10:55 AM
Love is Greater than Fear – the Making of
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

presented by James LaVeck

This multi-media presentation will explore how Harriet Beecher Stowe --1850’s author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin -- along with the work of two visionary musicians and some remarkable experiences with individual animals inspired a new documentary about the ethics of the human-animal relationship.

Sunday, July 11
9:45 – 10:45 AM
Taking the Peaceable Journey:
Steps Toward a Life of Joyful Co-existence

presented by James LaVeck

This inspirational talk will explore the power and the promise of our awakening conscience and will offer six peaceable practices we can follow to transform our relationship with the animals who share our world and help create a more just and compassionate future for us all.

If you've never been to the Vegetarian Summerfest, this is the year to check it out!

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