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Special Thanks
Special Thanks:
Screening room design: Eric Huang
Translation supervisor: Italia Millán

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Tribe of Heart Screening Room
In the award-winning documentary THE WITNESS, Eddie Lama explains how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals and bring his message of compassion to the streets of New York. With humor and sincerity, Eddie tells the story of his remarkable change in consciousness.  To learn more, visit the official film site for The Witness




Jenny Stein & James LaVeck
  Tribe of Heart Co-Founders and Filmmakers Jenny Stein and James LaVeck  

Welcome to Tribe of Heart's Online Screening Room for The Witness! We are excited to share with you this film that has touched so many hearts and minds, and to tell you a little bit about how the film came to be made and the surprising way people all over the world have responded to it.

Audience Before we began production of The Witness in 1998, we had a series of life-changing encounters with people from ordinary backgrounds who had made an extraordinary commitment to follow the voice of their conscience, to do what they knew was right even when it was sometimes very difficult.

These individuals found the courage to face some difficult truths about their own role in injustices happening to others. Most remarkably, they worked very hard to respond to this tragedy not with fear, anger or judgment, but with creativity and nonviolence. First they changed their own lives, and then they committed themselves to helping create peaceful change in society. Their journey was not about trying to be perfect, but about becoming more honest and more whole. It was about consciously choosing a new direction, about taking small steps every day toward being a more aware, more compassionate, and more courageous citizen of our world.

El TestigoMarquee As filmmakers, we wanted to share these powerful stories of personal transformation. So we started a non-profit organization called Tribe of Heart, with a goal of making films about the journey of awakening conscience. The stories we wanted to tell were not about heroes or people of greatness, but about the greatness of the quest to become a better human being, and the heroic qualities that can awaken in any person who follows the voice of their conscience and opens their heart to the plight of those most in need.

Peaceable Kingdom When we completed work on The Witness in 2000, we felt good about the message of the film, but really had no idea how audiences would respond. We were surprised and delighted when The Witness received the award for Best Documentary at its film festival premiere. It soon became a film festival favorite, winning nine more top awards as well as receiving enthusiastic reviews from both viewers and members of the press.

Touched by this story of one man's remarkable change of heart, people of all ages and backgrounds spontaneously began to take an active role in helping Tribe of Heart bring The Witness to a larger audience. In fact, so many people wanted to help in so many different ways, we often could not keep up!

Girl and Ducks By 2002, thousands of people had purchased copies of The Witness over the internet to share with their families and friends, along the way bringing the film to the attention of journalists, broadcasters, celebrities, and national political leaders. Enthusiastic viewers organized hundreds of public screenings in their communities, at local theaters, schools, university campuses, libraries, and places of worship. They also brought The Witness to international audiences, partnering with us to translate the film into many languages, an effort that continues to this day through this Online Screening Room project.

As awareness of The Witness grew, so did appreciation for the positive effect it was having on so many lives. A constant flow of helpful suggestions and creative ideas helped us achieve an ever- larger impact. Donations came in to meet the need for developing outreach and educational programs for the film, as well as to cover the cost of producing our next documentary project, Peaceable Kingdom.
Needless to say, this experience completely changed the course of our lives. We have learned that when we work together in service of something larger and more important than ourselves, making a difference is far easier, and far more rewarding, than we ever imagined possible.

Shooting Footage In the simplest terms, we have seen with our own eyes that one person's change of heart can truly change the world. And while our human society is often overwhelmed with cynicism, exploitation and violence, many small and simple but positive changes made by many people can become a very powerful wave of transformation and peaceful change.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and service in benefit of those who are most vulnerable, human and nonhuman alike. Along the way, we will learn so much, make many new friends, and share the joy of doing this much needed work.

Jenny Stein and James LaVeck
Filmmakers, Co-founders of Tribe of Heart

Please send us your feedback! We read every comment and what you share helps us improve this site and develop our future film projects. We also periodically select comments we think will be helpful for other viewers and publish them below. You can also indicate which comments you like, which will allow other viewers to more easily find the most helpful comments.

Welcome to the Tribe of Heart community!

So many of us are becoming aware that our planet is in crisis, and we feel a strong desire to do our part to help. But often, connecting this sincere motivation with effective action seems too hard, or too complicated.

Tribe of Heart created THE WITNESS, as well as this online screening room, to make it easier and more rewarding to get involved in creating the kind of positive changes human society so desperately needs. Every movement toward justice, whether individual or global in scale, starts with a single step, a decision to act on behalf of those who are more vulnerable than ourselves. Eddie made that decision in THE WITNESS, and so can you. Once you get started, you may find that you are amazed at what you can accomplish, and how meaningful this type of activity can be.

Making a life-changing difference is within the power of each of us, but only if we take that first step. In the column to the right are several options for taking action right away, while below are some opportunities to continue your exploration of issues related to ideas that were explored in the film.

The Journey Home

Tribe of Heart's newest documentary

Preview for Peaceable Kingdom
Open your eyes... Trust your heart...
Take the Journey...

Watch the short film

by Non-violence United
(12 minutes)

A Life Connected"Each of our choices in the past built the world we live in today. And each of our choices from this moment forward will build the world we live in tomorrow. There is a way to build a better world..."

Learn about the myth of
"humane" animal agriculture

Currently, both the animal-using industry and some animal advocacy organizations are propagating the idea that it is possible to use and kill animals in a manner that can be fairly described as respectful or compassionate or humane. We believe that this "Humane Myth" misrepresents the realities of animal use, and cultivates a positive image of activities that are neither just nor kind nor sustainable.Don't Buy The Myth

Tribe of Heart, along with a community of former farmers, sanctuary founders, educators and artists, has been involved in an effort to correct the misinformation that is associated with the Humane Myth. In doing so, our goal is to inspire a form of working for the peaceful transformation of our society that fully respects the inherent dignity and worth of animals and people alike.

You can learn more about this vast topic at HumaneMyth.org, but here are some introductory slide shows to help you get started:

Watch "Happy Cows: Behind the Myth"

Happy Cows

Watch "Cage Free Eggs: Behind the Myth"

Cage-Free eggs

Plant seeds of change with THE WITNESS

Email InvitationInvite other people to watch THE WITNESS online
If you found watching this film a worthwhile experience, then recommend it to the people in your life! Sharing THE WITNESS person-to-person is a direct and often very gratifying way to inspire positive change. If enough of us share this film's message, together we can create a wave of change that will travel around the world! Our invitation system makes it really easy to get started. So what are you waiting for? Click here

Buy a DVD of THE WITNESS to share with others
Witness DVDSometimes it can be easier to get people to watch a film if you personally hand it to them, or if you offer to watch it with them. For those situations, we encourage you to buy a DVD and begin passing it around to your family members, friends, co-workers, students, teachers, journalists, spiritual leaders, librarians, elected officials, or anyone else you think might benefit from watching it. If you'd like to have multiple copies to give away, our Gift of Compassion program offers a 50% discount on a package of 10 DVDs.
Learn More

Embed previews
You can easily reach a large number of people by sharing previews of THE WITNESS, and of our newest film, PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME, on your web site, blog or facebook page. Many people report being deeply moved just from watching the previews, and you will also help many more people discover this online screening room, enabling them to watch THE WITNESS in its complete form. The links below will help you get started:

Get embed code for THE WITNESS preview:

Get embed code for PEACEABLE KINGDOM preview:

Use social networking tools to tell your community about THE WITNESSSocial Networking
Whether you have a blog, Facebook page, MySpace page, Twitter account, or any other kind of online social networking capability, you can make a difference by telling people about THE WITNESS and directing them to this web site. Just click on the white "share" button below for easy access.

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Hold a screening of THE WITNESS
You can hold small, personal screenings of THE WITNESS for friends and family in your own living room, generating some amazing dialogue. Medium-sized screenings that are open to the public can be organized at a local library, college classroom, lecture hall, yoga center, place of worship, or various other community gathering places. Larger screenings can be held at independent cinemas or university auditoriums. Whatever size your audience may be -- whether it is one person or one thousand-- you will be changing lives, and with that, making a real contribution to changing the world. Learn More

Become more involved with Tribe of Heart

Tribe of Heart team
The Tribe of Heart team at the World Premiere of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

Make a donation to help us continue our work
Your donation will help us produce more films like THE WITNESS and PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME, as well as create innovative tools like this online screening room which give anybody, anywhere, the ability to view and share these films. Tribe of Heart's goal is to empower caring people all over the world to become agents of peaceful transformation. If you would like to support our vision, please consider making a donation today. 


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Our thanks, and a final thought

Everything we do is made possible by the power of community. While doing this work has meant becoming aware of many painful truths, it has also helped us discover how many people there are, from every culture and background, who wish to take responsibility for the impact their choices have on others, and who wish to live without harming or exploiting anyone. Actions taken out of concern for the happiness and well-being of others can be amazingly powerful, and are one of the greatest gifts we can give to the world. Thank you for visiting the Tribe of Heart screening room.

We read every correspondence, and greatly appreciate your feedback. In fact, most of the improvements we make to our projects and programs come about due to the suggestions and observations of our community. However, due to the small size of our staff and the large quantity of correspondence we receive, we are unable to respond to every email. This is especially the case during creative stretches, such as the editing of one of our films. That does not mean we appreciate your emails any less! So, keep the feedback coming, and when we are not in the editing room or out on a film shoot, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. If your email is of urgent priority or time sensitive, we will respond accordingly.

Email: mail@tribeofheart.org Tribe of Heart, Ltd.
PO Box 149
Ithaca, NY 14851
Phone: 607.275.0806 Fax: 607.275.0702