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Tribe of Heart films and educational programs are able to reach ever-growing new audiences through the efforts of individuals who have become inspired by seeing one or both of our films. After having a positive, transformative experience, people often are motivated to share this opportunity for education and personal growth with those in their personal lives, their social networks, and their wider community.

As a result, a vibrant collaboration has developed between the Tribe of Heart team and enthusiastic viewers of our films, who comprise a large network of volunteers sharing our work in many different ways all across the globe. We call this community endeavor "People Powered Distribution." The central idea is that when one person's life is changed for the better, that experience will naturally bring benefits to the lives of those all around them, creating an ever-expanding wave of positive change that sustains itself without the need for large sums of money or a large bureaucratic infrastructure.

An increasingly important component of People Powered Distribution is the creative use of online outreach tools, which are now key to helping more people in cultures all over the world become aware of our films. These tools have been instrumental in building audiences for screening events; they have opened up new avenues for distributing DVDs; and they have helped foster dialogue about the issues explored in the films.

The resources on this page offer several different avenues for online outreach. With even a modest amount of effort, you can use these tools and other resources available through this Peaceable Journey guide to encourage people to consider new points of view, to awaken compassion, and to inspire a commitment to working toward justice for all beings.


Follow Tribe of Heart via Facebook, Twitter & our HeartBeat newsletter Online social networking sites offer an incredible opportunity for outreach efforts that will have greater and greater impact over time as our positive message and powerful tools for peaceful change migrate from one online community to the next. You will be amazed at the impact you can have. ...more
THE WITNESS Online Screening Room Tribe of Heart‘s Online Screening Room is an international, multi-lingual resource that offers free viewing of The Witness as well as a complete suite of outreach tools and post-viewing educational resources. The film and resources are available in English, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Spanish (both dubbed and subtitled), Russian, Czech, Slovenian, with many other languages to come. ...more
Post on blogs, discussion boards & email lists Because Tribe of Heart films and educational programs explore timely subjects such as nonviolence, the journey of awakening conscience, and the ethics of the human-animal relationship, they provide almost unlimited opportunities for blogging, discussion boards, and email lists. ...more
Reach a vast audience with TribeWidgets Our fun and effective TribeWidgets bring an inspiring and empowering message to your Facebook, Google+ or other social networking page, and can also be used on any web page. ...more
Use TribeBanners to spread the word These attractive banners can introduce your blog readers -- or visitors to your Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking pages -- to a whole new perspective. ...more
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