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Tribe of Heart co-founder James LaVeck

Action Opportunity: Join the dialogue!

Consider attending the Vegetarian Summerfest. It is an inspiring opportunity to experience positive, nonviolent community, and to meet others who are striving to live lives focused on truth, nonviolence, and sustainability.

Brush up on your critical thinking skills by exploring Humane Myth, a collaborative web site offering insights from former farmers, sanctuary founders, artists, and educators, hosted by Tribe of Heart.

TOH co-founder James LaVeck to offer three talks at Vegetarian Summerfest
Focusing on advanced activism and the path of conscience

Tribe of Heart is both an arts and an education organization, and over the last 10 years we have made an in-depth study of the lives of those dedicated to peaceful social change. In light of what we have learned from the accomplishments and mistakes of our role models, both historical and contemporary, as well as our own accomplishments and mistakes, we have developed an approach we call "values-based activism." As an expression of our work in this area, we have been offering an annual series of talks revolving around matters of conscience and critical thinking.

On July 10th and 11th, Tribe of Heart co-founder James LaVeck will continue this tradition by giving three new talks at the 2009 Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. These presentations will focus on navigating the often overwhelming inner and outer challenges that crop up for those who are committed to working for peaceful change in this era of crisis and transformation. The goal is to leave participants with a deeper awareness of their own personal journey as well as a practical understanding of some of the forces that can misdirect, frustrate, and disillusion those with altruistic intent.

Presentations being offered:

Seasons of the Heart
Finding the balance between light and dark while walking the path of conscience

A Vision Keeper's Toolkit
Recognizing and resisting the commodification and co-option of grassroots activism

Transcending the McMovement
Embracing the power of values-based activism in an era of cynicism and manipulation

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