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Mama Hen and Baby Chick
Cheri and Jim Vandersluis transformed their dairy farm into a refuge for animals rescued from agriculture. In this scene, Cheri explains how their change in consciousness enabled them to see the animals in a whole new way.
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Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home


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Peaceable Kingdom DVD

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DVD includes 78-minute film plus 90 minutes of bonus material. All content is available with subtitles in English (SDH), Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

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Love Over Fear

Watch LOVE over FEAR
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

Subtitle Options: English-SDH
Español | Français | Português

Viewer Comments

Since the DVD was first released in July, many individuals have organized public screenings in their communities or hosted small viewings in their homes. Here is a small sample of the written feedback they received:

I learned that farm animals, when treated well, can be just as fun, adorable, friendly, and loveable as pet animals... the movie does a great job at making viewers realize that all animals are individual souls, at such a fundamental heart level that is extremely powerful and transformative. (San Gabriel, CA)

goatI was moved over and over by the beauty of the animals, their connections to one another and the humans. (West Palm Beach, FL)

This film is not biased, it shows both sides of the story. I am involved in FFA [Future Farmers of America] at my high school and care for animals as well, but also am enrolled in an ag processing class (slaughterhouse), and now I can't go back to that, and I would like to share that with others. (Phoenix, AZ)

Seeing the intelligence and emotional IQ of animals is an eye and heart opener. (Asheville, NC)

I feel that this movie is sensitive to animal and humankind -- it is very respectful, thoughtfully done -- like the children in the movie. I think children know what's right and wrong, and if we can remember, see compassion in action, we can open our eyes and make life better for all. (Baltimore, MD)

I loved the photography -- the many close-ups of the faces (esp. eyes and snouts) of cows, pigs, chickens, goats... I'm glad I saw the movie. At the moment I could not eat any meat. (Rush, NY)

The biggest struggle I battle is that I am alone in this journey. My family, my significant other, my friends cannot grasp the idea of a meatless world, much less are interested in trying. I came to the viewing alone, and am 150% more comforted that we are on the edge of change. This is how every major change in our society has started. You have given me the confidence to just be comfortable in my beliefs... thank you for stepping up. (Wichita, KS)

Many thanks to Leslie Armstrong, Carol Barnett, Jamie Cohen, Kris & Craig Haley, Paul Henderick, Mary Martin, Dianne Waltner, and Charles Wussow for sharing the film and gathering the feedback above. Learn how you can organize your own home viewing or community screening on the Peaceable Journey web site.

Peaceable Journey

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