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Tribe of Heart
How are Tribe of Heart films distributed?
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have seen Tribe of Heartís films through a unique people-powered distribution methodology that synergizes traditional independent film distribution techniques with the creativity and democratic spirit of grassroots empowerment.

With the help of thousands of caring volunteers and supporters from all walks of life, our films have been shown at over 80 film festivals to date, and at theatrical screenings around the world including premieres in major metropolitan venues such as New York's Lincoln Center, events which have been attended by educators, activists, celebrities, legislators, and other public figures. Our films have also been widely broadcasted, including numerous showings on PBS stations in the US, and via satellite through LinkTV. Tribe of Heart films are also shown on a regular basis through community screenings held at schools, colleges, universities, places of worship, educational conferences, and special events. Lastly, thousands of people have purchased individual copies of Tribe of Heart films on DVD in order to share them with their friends, family members, and colleagues. Our first film, The Witness, is available both on DVD and for free online viewing in English, English with subtitles for the deaf and hard hearing, Spanish (both subtitled and dubbed), and Russian. Versions in Czech, Chinese, Finnish, French, German (dubbed), Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Slovenian and Swedish are on the way.

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